When I started with this blog/website almost 11 years ago, I wanted to write something about myself and my life, but it got bigger than my small self 😜😊

I am a part of a big LGBTI community and with knowing so many beautiful creatures and involved with many events and parties, I felt I wanted to do something positive within.

The page became less about me, but about helping this community connect through happy and positive information, promo and partnering with events, Prides and so much more. It has always been all about just letting you know what is really going on positive in our community around this globe 🌍 Only showing the LOVE and not the HATE  #lovewins

Still people ask me who I am, what my passion is and what drives me to be everywhere?!? 😜

Step aside, I’m back again ❀️

So hype, so lit, adrenaline 🧑

I’m LES-LEY, say what?! πŸ’›

Started as a baby, now I’m all grown up πŸ’š

Gonna take this verse just to let you know (uh-huh)πŸ’™

Never listen to the haters, be a pro πŸ’œ

‘Cause I work my way, paid my dues πŸ–€

Now I got the whole world screaming halleloo! 🎼 #TeamShangela 😁😁😁

This made me think and as a connection to Antwerp Pride in August where I worked as a Social Media Manager and where the theme was β€œIDENTITY”. I thought why not let me show you what MY identity is. Who I am and how I identify myself. An identity has many layers and I certainly have them too. Are U ready?!!

First of all I am a man born and raised in the Netherlands. But also a half-breed, because my mother is from Holland and my father is from Indonesia. My Great-Great-Grandfather was from England, which explains my last name β€œMiddleton” and my heritage. Our family tree goes so far that we are related to Kate Middleton, the wife of William, Prince of Wales and soon to be king of the United Kingdom.

  • Living happily in Antwerp/Belgium for more than 25 years now.
  • I have been straight, bi and totally gay for many years now.
  • I was an engaged, married and divorced man, but still head over heels in love with my relationship for almost 12 years now. ❀️
  • Been a single guy, coupled a few times and <even been in a Throuple relationship for three years. But on 18/11/2022 I will finally say I do to my man Rene❀️
  • Experienced many unfortunate events like my parents’ divorce, their addictions, suicide, gunfire, abuse, losing my mother too young and other family members, but still going on strong and thankful for all the love they all have given me. 😘
  • Worked and studied from the age of 16 , been independent, a director, an employee and a free-lancer and most of all busy my whole life. There are not enough hours in a day!
  • At my age now I am still a son, brother (in-law), nephew, grandson, godfather, lover, husband, friend and partner till this day forward.
  • I am social, crazy, funny, outgoing, honest, confident , open-minded, playful, friendly, naughty, a bit jealous, trustworthy, helpful and most of all smiling when you meet me.

Different layers and aspects and many identities make me who I am and they don’t define me to one single thing. Except….what most important is in all this, that I am in each aspect the same important thing and that is…..a HUMAN!!! That is my identity and trying to do my best for human kind with all the respect and love everyone deserves ❀️

I run and operate the award winning website from ground up, creating and gathering all content, website design, interviews, editing, all our other social media, you name it I’m on it and LOVE every second of it. Through daily content I share, inform and promote news, art, culture, music and a whole lot of sexy. My online presence is growing and growing and now reaches all corners of the globe.For the rest I am an open book and not shy about anything, so if you want to know more or if you have questions, please shoot and let me know!!! 😍😊

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Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton, owner ofΒ  PINK IN OUR LIVES