Pink Brand Of The Year

On June 7th 2017, Belgium celebrated diversity with the fourth edition of Pink Brand of the Year. Brandhome organizes this event in collaboration with OUTtv and Gay Club Red&Blue to reward brands that embrace and promote LGBTQ diversity.



The LGBTQ community is known for its trendsetting character. Therefore, it would be a missed opportunity for brands to ignore them. But with Pink Brand of the Year, we do not necessarily encourage niche brands. Brandhome believes that a strong brand can engage with people beyond their sexual preference.

So… who are those strong brands? Many subscribed, but only 3 brands were voted to be the best in their category by more than 2,000 people. Accenture (LGBTQ Friendly Company), Generation M from MNM (Diversity Ambassador) and…… Pink In Our Lives !!! We won gold in the categorie LGBTQ Advertisement!! YES WE DID IT! All of the winners were called on stage to receive our winning trophy. The pink penguins were handed out by famous Belgians such as Davey “De Mol winner” Van Rode and Jill De Greef.

We are so happy and proud to have won this award! Due to vacation plans I (Lesley Middleton) couldn’t attend to the award show myself unfortunately. But I was more then happy to send my dear friends and ShowQueen Reporters for Pink In Our Lives Christiaan d’Hooge & Lex Decrans to receive the award out of the hands of Mister Gay Belgium 2017 Jaimie Deblieck.

Mr. Gay Belgium 2017 Jaimie Deblieck handing out the Award to Christiaan d’Hooge
Christiaan d’Hooge & Lex Decrans – Showqueen Reporters for Pink In Our Lives

After the award show, the real party was just getting started! With live performances from Faith Coverband, Youston (ex Get Ready!), Anita Doth (ex 2Unlimited) and DJ Dimitri d’Anvers, people danced their way into the night.

Anita – 2Unlimited

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