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There is so much Pink news to spread and I don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. That is why we are going to try to shower you with a short weekly blast of infotainment!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Hope you enjoy it and if you have something to share, please send me a message at lesley.middleton@live.be


Gay contestant Andy Herren wins Big Brother USA 2013.


Straight actor & Hunk Gilles Marini

Actor and hunk Gilles Marini showed to be our straight ally by saying; “I think it’s very uncool to be in the closet nowadays…Don’t stay in the closet. You’ll only hurt your heart and down the line probably your family. They need to know the truth about what you like and what you want in life”


Cheyenne jackson
Cheyenne jackson

A jerk-off video went viral on the net and it is supposed to be Cheyenne Jackson,

Cheyenne's tattoos
Cheyenne’s tattoos

singer and Glee-actor. His tats should be the convincing part and the face that is showing at the end of the video saying he needs his boyfriend there. Follow the link and tell me what you think. It’s hot anyway, even if it shouldn’t be the hunky actor 😉 Cheyenne jackson jerking off?!?!

Straight actor Robert Redford makes clear at his annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah that he supports gay marriage and wants it become legal in Utah. “It’s un-American and like you I believe there’s no place for discrimination in our world”



Hunky Matt Bomer from "White colllar" and "Magic Mike"
Hunky Matt Bomer from “White colllar” and “Magic Mike”

Openly gay actor and hunk Matt Bomer is going to portray in a new movie closeted actor Montgomery Clift. He was a major movie star back in the days,  while he was firmly in the closet.

BUTT of the week:    liev schreiber01LIEV SCHREIBER from the series RAY DONOVAN Liev Schreiber nude Ray Donovan

Pedro Aldomovar
Pedro Aldomovar

This december Spanish gay film director Pedro Almodovar will be honored for his life’s work by the European Film Academy with the European Achievement in World Cinema Prize.

Kiss of the week: Hollyoaks John Paul and Doug kisses

For  the Young People’s Literature and Poetry longlist is the gay teen novel  “Two boys kissing” 6a00d8341c730253ef019aff747b86970c-800wifrom David Levithan nominated by the National Book Awards. The novel connect the stories of a number of teens, foremost among them one couple who decides to break the world record for longest kiss.

AMAZING & WELL DONE: Drag queen Alexia Twister covers Lady Gaga’s performance “Applause” in Let’s Club / Victoria Haus:

Straight ally for LGBT rights: Ben Cohen
Straight ally for LGBT rights: Ben Cohen

LGBT ally Ben Cohen wanted male partner on Strictly Come Dancing show. But retired rugby star is paired with Kristina Rihanoff who, he admits, ‘will be easier to pick up’. Kristina-Rihanoff-and-Ben-Cohen-2274247Ben Cohen may not be gay, but he still wanted a male dance partner on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing ballroom competition. ‘I like to break down stereotypes,’ says Ben.

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There is so much Pink news to spread and I don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest and gayest stories, pictures and videos. That is why we are going to try to shower you with a short weekly blast of infotainment!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Enjoy and if you have something to share, please send me a message at lesley.middleton@live.be

Best wedding proposal of this week!!! Spencer’s home depot marriage proposal to Dustin:

27 september the Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League baseball team) will held their first LGBT night. They want jumbo_shot49780381to welcome any fans and recognize the LGBT community of LA. A celebrity will throw out the first pitch and a special guest will sing the national anthem with The Gay Men’s chorus of LA. Afterwards there will be fireworks and a performance of DJ Manny Lehman


Daniel & Mihai wedding's ceremony
Daniel & Mihai wedding’s ceremony

Romanian gay couple Daniel and Mihai not only won on a reality game show a wedding ceremony, but also became the first televised broadcast of a gay wedding in Romania’s history.


Lesbian singer K.D. Lang
Lesbian singer K.D. Lang

Lesbian singer KD Lang makes her broadway debut next year in musical “After midnight”.

Britney Spear’s new audio song “Work bitch”:


Stonewall urges UK  players to show their support for gay footballers by wearing rainbow colored boot laces. The laces have been distributed to every footballer across all 134 professional clubs in the UK. Each player is asked to wear the laces in their club. The campaign’s message of “Right Behind Gay Footballers” is designed to kick start a change in attitudes and make football more gay-friendly. Straight footballer Joey Barton becomes the first to wears the anti-homophobia rainbow laces and say “people’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue” in the sport.


Ricky martin shows the cover of his first children’s book coming out on the 14th of November 6a00d8341c730253ef019aff6df6fd970d-800wi


Michael Londen (producer of "MILK")
Michael Londen (producer of “MILK”)

Michael Londen (producer of the movie Milk with Sean Penn)  is going to make a series about a transgender boy and his family, with the end conclusion that SHE is probably the most normal person in this family. It will be a first about this topic, especially shown at prime time in the US.


Charlie Humnan
Charlie Humnan

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Charlie Humnam who is going to be the male lead in the movie 50 Shades Of Grey charlie hunnam04and one of the lead actors in the series Son Of Anarchy.charlie hunnam02

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Hello guys and dolls (and everyone in between LOL)


Summer started finally a few weeks ago and things got very heated, especially in Antwerp. The last weeks we were pretty tied up with parties, events and hot boys and sexy girls. It gave a lot of stuff to write about, so be prepared to what is coming!!!  I can’t split myself in more personalities (There is just only one diva in the house LOL), so I have asked some guest reporters, including my boyfriend, to blog about some events. Sorry to keep you waiting, but can’t write with a drink in one hand and with my other hand touching ……


I meant the button of my camera dirty bastards 😉 We have some great pictures from various events like Canal Pride Amsterdam, Mr. Gay World competition, Milkshake, Antwerp Pride and from the World Outgames. Check them also out on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pinkinourlives and follow our page by clicking on our “like this” – button. We have almost 800 followers already in a short time, but I think our LGTB community is way bigger than that. Come on and join us. Love united!!!


Great stories are coming up about these events and what has been happening the last few weeks. Also the winner of Mr. Gay World 2013 Christopher Olwage gave a special interview to our blog Pink in our lives. You don’t wanna miss that!!!


Have a great Pink Pride day.

Big kiss,





Mister Gay Flanders has been held Friday evening on the 28th of June, where the winner will compete for the Mister Gay World this August. The last IMG_9659competition will also be held this year in Belgium. Twelve contestants have compete with each other for the title of Mister Gay Flanders. After many months of interviews in magazines, television appearances and making many presentations all over the Flemish part of Belgium, it led up to the final evening. This event was happening in D-club, one of the gay-clubs in Antwerp. And off course an afterparty was right behind it with a guest performance of singer Kate Ryan.


mgv07Because of other commitments Pink In Our Lives could not attend the complete event from the beginning, butmgv01 we were right on time for the announcement for the winner and for the afterparty. We do not want to miss out on the booze and dancing off course ;o) The competition started a few months ago after a long search for candidates. The organization wanted a mixed group of guys and not only pretty boys to walk on a catwalk. The guys also need to have something to tell and because they need to present the LGTB community, it should have been a variety of guys. Not everybody felt that the guys were hot enough to be mister Gay, but is that the first priority to pick somebody? No it is not and everybody will be attractive to somebody, whatever the world you are living in. The guys have promoted themselves in the past months and I knew some guys before the competition and I have gotten to know some guys better during the competition and the importance is that you can have a conversation with these boys. They have to present our community and just a beautiful body or face alone does not cut it.


It was a long evening for the contestants with presenting themselves, showing and parading in clothes, underwear etc. In between also performances of artists to keep the audience entertained.

(Too bad there were more ballads than dance songs to keep it more spicy) besides that it was a great edition and well organized by Bram Bierkens, his boyfriend Ivan Denis (ambassador of the World Outgames 2013) and all the other staff. It was also the first edition they have organized and I think they should keep doing this for the next coming years too.

19901_584599861563323_1807227097_nmgv02mgv04mgv05During the competition several judges like Pascal Smet (minister of Equality Rights), celebrities like Joyce de Troch, Lulu Aertgeerts, fashion designer Geert de Puysseleyr and OUTtv CEO Marc Putnam were looking for the first male to represent the LGBT community and came to the conclusion that Tom Goris is the winner. I am glad because two of my favorites were in the top three Tom Goris (winner) and David Dedeene. (first runner up). Second runner-up was David Joëts. During the evening two other contenders won a price. Johan ‘Hooghe won the price for Mr. Sympathetic and Jeroen Aertgeerts won the price for the most photogenic person during the competition. Congrats to you all guys. Well done.


Tom (34) from Tremelo won because of his charisma and looks, but also because he made a statement. He had a clear message (and not like in every pageant I want world peace). He wants to take a stand against bullying and trying to prevent it. It is a clear message and nicely brought on stage, which he have to do this august again at Mr the Gay World competition, but also in Prague with the Mister Europe Competition. Tom is an insurance officer and came out of the closet in 1997.


When his name came out as winner, Tom showed again his personality. He was humble, shy and overwhelmed. You would have thought that he did not like to be a winner, but he was so surprised and honored, that all evening he walked around still not believing it. All the contestants did great and should be proud of themselves (for at least coming forward as gay and showing that they are just human beings like everybody else), but Tom is a well-deserved winner of the 2013 edition of Mister Gay Flanders.


We wish Tom all the good luck and mostly also fun with the next competitions and hopefully that he can bring his statement to reality. I hope he can make a difference, but I am pretty sure he will. Let us all watch out to August in Antwerp, where all the other beautiful guys from other countries come over the Mister World Competition and let them show their stuff to us ;o) August is definitely the place to be when this and The World Outgames go on for a whole week. Don’t miss out anything and otherwise we at Pink In Our Lives will keep you posted. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/pinkinourlives to find out more.


Have a great PINK day!!!


Big kiss,


P.s. thanx to party photographer Ivo for some of the pictures besides our own. ;o)