There is so much Pink news to spread and I don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. That is why we are going to try to shower you with a short weekly blast of infotainment!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Hope you enjoy it and if you have something to share, please send me a message at lesley.middleton@live.be

Robbie Rogers
Robbie Rogers

Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers is after almost a year since his publicly coming out co-writing a book. It will about being the first openly gay male US soccer pro. The memoir will be called “Come out to play”. 130527010425-robbie-rogers-sub-single-image-cut

Robbie tells us: ” Soccer and writing are two biggest passions. I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to write my memoir with Penguin Books. So many people helped me with my struggles while I was coming out, I hope this book will do the same for people who feel a bit like me”.

Kiss of the week: Paul Torres ( played by Adan Canto) & Jacob Wells (played by Nico Tortorella) kiss in the series “The Following”.

U.S. actress Goldie Hawn  (Source:AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)
U.S. actress Goldie Hawn (Source:AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Goldie Hawn among celebs at BaIl AIDS Gala.

Actress Goldie Hawn, Supermodel Linda Evangelista and designer Kenneth Cole lent their star power to a glitzy charity dinner and auction that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for AIDS research and prevention.Hawn praised Rio and called its residents “so kind and wonderful,” and promised to return soon. In the meanwhile, the Academy Award-winning actress exhorted the crowd to bid generously at the auction.“It’s great to help and it’s great to have fun,” the actress said.

cazwellNew music video of Cazwell  called no selfie control. Cazwell’s new track takes aim at all those Instagram over-sharers (you know who they are) who just can’t stop taking photos of their hot bods.


US Postal Service approves the Harvey Milk stamp harvey milk stampas a honor to the LGBT icon Harvey Milk and his legacy.  His historic run paved the way for a new generation of LGBT leaders who can be open and honest about who they are, and it’s encouraging see the U.S. Postal Service honoring his legacy of perseverance and pride today.


Disney’s Once upon a time series has its first LGBT fairytale character. Hopefully it will progress in season three. The character Mulan (played by Jamie Chang) mulan-lesbian-comes-outgets the advice to tell the person that you love how you feel about him or her before it’s too late. Mulan rushed to Aurora to reveal her true feelings. Before getting the courage to tell, Aurora tells that she is expecting a child with Prince Phlilip. Hopefully Mulan will find her happily ever after and that the show will develop this storyline more.

purple globe

1391996_552515248153425_8081949_nIt was also this week #Spiritday on the 17th of October and millions of people wear purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag. So off course Pink In Our Lives had joined #Spiritday.

Greg Louganis marries Johnny Chaillot in Malibu.
Greg Louganis marries Johnny Chaillot in Malibu.

greg louganisOlympic Legend diver Greg Louganis got married last weekend to Johnny Chaillot in Greg-Louganis-1-600-11Malibu.  Greg and Johnny started dating in 2012 after finding each other on the online dating site Match.com and almost a year later they got engaged on the 8th of April. They had a beautiful wedding and were both dressed in white and hoped to make a difference with their celebration by asking for donations to charities instead of a traditional wedding registry.

will-youngSinger Will Young wants teachers and administrators to do more to keep the word GAY from being used as an insult in schools. Will is certain that this type of language has an impact on LGTB teenagers. The studies show that lots of gay youngsters committed suicide over this. He’s teaming up with the gay rights group Stonewall to create a program to help teachers address the issue.

daniel mcpherson08BUTT of the week: Daniel McPherson from NEIGHBOURS

daniel macpherson01 (2)

Actor Daniel McPherson
Actor Daniel McPherson



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There is so much Pink news to spread and I don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest and gayest stories, pictures and videos. That is why we are going to try to shower you with a short weekly blast of infotainment!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Enjoy and if you have something to share, please send me a message at lesley.middleton@live.be

Best wedding proposal of this week!!! Spencer’s home depot marriage proposal to Dustin:

27 september the Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League baseball team) will held their first LGBT night. They want jumbo_shot49780381to welcome any fans and recognize the LGBT community of LA. A celebrity will throw out the first pitch and a special guest will sing the national anthem with The Gay Men’s chorus of LA. Afterwards there will be fireworks and a performance of DJ Manny Lehman


Daniel & Mihai wedding's ceremony
Daniel & Mihai wedding’s ceremony

Romanian gay couple Daniel and Mihai not only won on a reality game show a wedding ceremony, but also became the first televised broadcast of a gay wedding in Romania’s history.


Lesbian singer K.D. Lang
Lesbian singer K.D. Lang

Lesbian singer KD Lang makes her broadway debut next year in musical “After midnight”.

Britney Spear’s new audio song “Work bitch”:


Stonewall urges UK  players to show their support for gay footballers by wearing rainbow colored boot laces. The laces have been distributed to every footballer across all 134 professional clubs in the UK. Each player is asked to wear the laces in their club. The campaign’s message of “Right Behind Gay Footballers” is designed to kick start a change in attitudes and make football more gay-friendly. Straight footballer Joey Barton becomes the first to wears the anti-homophobia rainbow laces and say “people’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue” in the sport.


Ricky martin shows the cover of his first children’s book coming out on the 14th of November 6a00d8341c730253ef019aff6df6fd970d-800wi


Michael Londen (producer of "MILK")
Michael Londen (producer of “MILK”)

Michael Londen (producer of the movie Milk with Sean Penn)  is going to make a series about a transgender boy and his family, with the end conclusion that SHE is probably the most normal person in this family. It will be a first about this topic, especially shown at prime time in the US.


Charlie Humnan
Charlie Humnan

BUTT OF THE WEEK: Charlie Humnam who is going to be the male lead in the movie 50 Shades Of Grey charlie hunnam04and one of the lead actors in the series Son Of Anarchy.charlie hunnam02

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Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high….


As you all already know I named my blog “Pink in our lives” and I like to write about anything with a pink side on it. But why is the color PINK not in our Rainbow Flag then??? This is the color everybody immediately links to gays (and little girls that are born ;o)). So why not put that colour in the Flag??
Well if you look into the history and the creator of this Flag, you will find an answer and maybe something that you did not know yet. Because after all most gays do not care about all this stuff. They just see this Flag as a recognition sign to know where they have to be for gay people. And to be honest I never looked into that deeper myself ;-((. It is mostly about how deep they can get in LOL……

But the Flag has some important history and it makes us all come closer, when there is a Pride or an event. So I thought why not take the first step and look into it for myself and I found out some interesting stuff….


In 1978, Gilbert Baker (born in Kansas in 1951 and see picture) designed the first – ever Rainbow (or Gay Pride) Flag as a symbol of LGBT pride, liberation and diversity. “In the beginning the Rainbow Flag was about liberation. It was about breaking free of an existence limited by fear and conformity, the right to express sexuality without shame or retaliation from those who legislate “morality.'” When Gilbert Baker handcrafted a rainbow flag many years ago in honour of San Francisco’s Gay Freedom Day, he had no idea the impact it would have around the world. “But I did know right away that it would change my life,” said Baker, who now lives in New York City. “Because of the flag I’ve had the chance to meet people from all around the world who have given me their perspective on gay communities worldwide.”

Baker served in the U.S. Army from 1970 until 1972. After an honorable discharge he taught himself to sew. He began making banners and ultimately the Rainbow Flag for his friend Harvey Milk, who was later assassinated on Nov 27, 1978. Gilbert, an artist then living in San Francisco, dyed and sewed the material for that first flag in 1978. He wanted a symbol for the gay and lesbian community as an alternative to the pink triangle, which came from the pink triangle badge used in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War to identify homosexual men.                                                                                                            gilbert-baker-500-480x480

Gilbert Baker  helps stretch the mile and quarter long ‘World’s longest Rainbow Flag’ on June the 15th of 2003 from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic coast. This was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the flag. With that creation, Baker broke his own record previously awarded in 1994 for his mile long Rainbow Flag in memory of the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

The flag debuted at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. It has since been used around the world as a symbol of LGBT unity in many variations, including adaptations such as bumper stickers and decals. The Rainbow Flag is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers. The Rainbow (Pride) Flag lives in the public domain.

GBOCtm1Colors of the Rainbow Flag: 

The original flag had eight stripes from top to bottom: pink (sexuality), red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turquoise (magic), indigo/blue (serenity), and violet (spirit). Within a year, the flag had shed two of its stripes—pink and violet.

So Gilbert’s original design had eight stripes. The colours represented, in the same order, sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit. But when Baker approached a San Francisco-based flag company about mass producing the banners, he was told pink was not available. San Franciscans Celebrate Gay Pride“The flag was so popular and the demand was so huge, I had literally exhausted the supply of pink fabric,” he said. “Then the flag company told me there was no such thing as pink nylon because there are no flags with pink in them.” According to Gilbert, they “ran out of pink dye”. The violet stripe was later taken out to create an even number of stripes on the flag.

Since, many variations of the flag have been created. For instance, a black stripe is added to some symbolizing those lost to AIDS. There are also variations to represent bisexual people, bears and others. Also the flag colours are used in many variations to show that the gays are everywhere, for showing support or just for fun. See here some of the examples ;o))

IMG_2758IMG_3067A2dEd_WCUAA4Hll.jpg largeIMG_2898

















Have a great PINK day and keep on smiling ;o))

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