LGBT+ Movie recommendations: “Bring Him Back”

Pink In Our Lives is interested in everything that has a LGBT+ theme or is gay- related. We gonna give you occasionally some recommendations to

Billy Eichner is making history with one of the gayest movies of all time #PinkInOurLives

Billy Eichner’s queer romantic comedy Bros is set to make history when it hits cinemas this September. Featuring an all-star cast Bros will be the

Gay Character in Netflix’s 1st Arabic Film Sparks Controversy in Egypt #PinkInOurLives

Netflix’s first original Arabic film, an adaptation of the Italian movie Perfect Strangers, is causing controversy overseas, but the streamer is standing by it. Set

🌈#GaylyNews #PinkInOurLives

‘Batgirl’ casts Ivory Aquino as first trans character in a DC Comics feature film Barbara Gordon has officially found her roommate. Ivory Aquino (“Tales of

🌈#GaylyNews #PinkInOurLives

Jasmin Savoy Brown on how “exciting” it is to play Scream’s first openly gay character Jasmin Savoy Brown plays Mindy in Scream 5, the first


Some yearn for the superheroes, Prince Charmings, the all-around good guys but there are some out there who can’t help but fall for the bad

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