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Conversion therapy is finally banned in Canada After passing legislation back in December, conversion therapy is now officially banned in Canada 👏 ⁠When the bill

Vermont High School Puts on Drag Show During Halftime #pinkinourlives

A high school homecoming football game in Vermont turned into a drag runway during halftime, featuring students and faculty appearing in makeup, wigs, suits, and

Attack on brave 14-year-old girl Frédérique caused international outcry #PinkInOurLives

Amsterdam police have announced the arrest of a teenage boy for attacking a 14-year-old girl in an LGBTQ-related hate crime. The vicious attack left her

HAPPY IDAHOBIT 2021 #PinkInOurLives

31 years ago, homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organizations’ list of recognized diseases. For some, 31 years ago might seem like an eternity,

Brussels is wearing rainbow colours! 🌈 #BelgianPride #PinkInOurLives

In 2021, certain things are uncertain, but Pride Month remains. Every year in May, during the Pride period, Brussels is immersed in rainbow colours to


What’s the T on Instagram these days? What is HOT or NOT? In appreciation of the easy on the eye male celebrity, we bring you

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