🌈#ICYMI; GaylyNews #PinkInOurLives

HBO’s Euphoria explores Cal Jacobs’ sexuality with a heartbreaking gay backstory. Spoiler Alert 🚨 In season two; episode three, the show’s resident villain Cal (Eric

Billy Eichner is making history with one of the gayest movies of all time #PinkInOurLives

Billy Eichner’s queer romantic comedy Bros is set to make history when it hits cinemas this September. Featuring an all-star cast Bros will be the

Gay Character in Netflix’s 1st Arabic Film Sparks Controversy in Egypt #PinkInOurLives

Netflix’s first original Arabic film, an adaptation of the Italian movie Perfect Strangers, is causing controversy overseas, but the streamer is standing by it. Set

🌈#GaylyNews #PinkInOurLives

Nyle DiMarco has joined the cast of the Queer As Folk reboot. πŸŒˆπŸ™Œ DiMarco, who communicates using American Sign Language (ASL), made history as the

Pretty Little Liar’s actor Julian Morris Comes Out! #PinkInOurLives #Gay

Actor Julian Morris has come out publicly in an Instagram post celebrating his 18th anniversary with his partner, Landon Ross. It is an endearing tribute

Sweatpants Saturdays #NSFW #PinkInOurLives

It is Sweatpants season and the bulge is realπŸ˜œπŸ‘…πŸ˜˜ Please follow us for more at Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. Fill out your email

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